Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And Now for Something Completely the Same

Serena Ng loved my post about Cisco Systems so much that she used the same idea for her article Corporate Debt Begins to Worry Bond Investors in today's Wall Street Journal (Page C1) or here (subscription required). Thanks for the plug Serena, except you forgot to mention this blog. Oh well. Maybe, just maybe she came up with the same idea on her own, given that Cisco did do the largest corporate deal of the year. Plus she hardly used any of the same facts or figures I did. Oh, and the article is only in part about Cisco. Alright, maybe I won't call a copyright lawyer. In all seriousness, it is a good article and the trend she is discussing may be the dominant force in the direction of corporate spreads over the next 1-2 years.

I am going to e-mail the editor of the Market Beat section of the WSJ Online and see if they'll mention this blog in their daily blog roll as a complement to Ms. Ng's story. You can e-mail them here.

I won't bore you with what the market is doing, because its boring. Close your eyes and visualize yesterday's Treasury yields... let go of your Bloombergs, for you no longer need them...

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