Wednesday, July 19, 2006


In a highly disapointing development, Ben Bernanke apparantly doesn't care very much about how I'm positioned. Greenspan had the same problem.

Apparantly Syria and Iran have decided to stand behind Hezbollah, according to UPI. If the Israeli military enters Syria, all bets are off. Don't let anyone tell you that the war is why the Treasury market is rising, though. Stocks are up 160 and oil is flat.


dimitri said...

Very funny, but if you're short bonds, in the long run this is good for your position. If the market feels the BB is not zealous about inflation, long yields will start reflecting it. The plunging dollar will help you out as well.

Rederin said...

So very true, but it'll take more than this for the market to loose faith in Ben. Besides, seems like the market still thinks another hike is coming. For the first time in a while the fed meeting may not be a foregone conclusion.

Anonymous said...

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