Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tomorrow's news today!

Hearing that the Federal Reserve may have accidentally released tomorrow's Empire Manufacturing number this afternoon. Its due to be released at 8:30 tomorrow. The figure displayed on the site was 23.13, which is a good bit higher than the Bloomberg survey of 17.7.

Who knows if the 23.13 number is accurate or not. I mean, if they are mistaken about what time to release it, the number could just as well be wrong too.

Anyway, they took the link down already. This might explain why the 10-year is about 3 ticks lower than it was for most of today. Also, we get CPI tomorrow, so even if the Empire Manufacturing figure is 23.13, the CPI result is really more important.


The Fed went ahead and released the Empire Manufacturing number, so the rumor was true.

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